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Episode 5 - Bragging on Yourself

Brief summary of show:

This week on the podcast, Natalie chats with Marta Spirk all about bragging. Is talking about ourselves too much? Is it narcissistic? All of this is explored in this episode.

Marta is a wife, triplet mom, podcaster, empowerment coach & marketing strategist. She helps women to move past perfectionism, impostor syndrome and comparison and into visibility, credibility, and profit.

She does that with her 5-step process called Engage to Serve™, her podcast The Empowered Woman, The Empowered Woman School membership and workshops.

Marta and Natalie dive in to:

  • How to talk more about ourselves

  • When bragging is narcissistic

  • How to celebrate our wins without feeling braggy

  • How to accept compliments

  • Transforming your internal dialogue

Connect with Marta Spirk

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