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Episode 124: Getting Out of Procrastination and Perfectionism Nicole Baker Holleman

Brief summary of show:

In this episode, Nicole Baker Holleman joins me to talk about three types of perfectionism and the pivotal role procrastination plays in our lives, relationships, careers and decisions.

Nicole Baker Holleman is a Coach, podcaster and international speaker who helps high achievers ditch perfectionism, cut the hustle and start achieving goals with fun, fulfillment and way more free time. Having grown up in the personal development world, she has been attending seminars and absorbing personal growth tools her whole life.

Since starting her business she has since helped thousands of perfectionists accomplish goals ranging from scaling to 6 figures, cutting their work time in half, going full-time as a podcaster, and hitting record-breaking revenue months! However, the biggest surprise to all the perfectionists she works with? A greater sense of ease, confidence, and no perfectionism! Nicole has been featured in SHECorporated, Thrive Global, The Self Helpless Podcast, and The Mighty. She is the CEO of Life Coach Baker and the host of the top 2.5% podcast, Imperfect Success.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [3:00] What a perfectionist is

  • [4:05] Procrastinating vs perfectionism

  • [5:55] Ways to move past being a procrastinator perfectionist

  • [9:45] Other types of perfectionism

  • [11:05] Can you be a mix of perfectionist types?

  • [12:20] Strategies to get out of perfectionism

  • [15:40] How people develop perfectionism

  • [23:00] Knowing when to delegate

  • [25:55] Re-analyzing your goals

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Notes from Natalie:

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