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Episode 129: Unlocking Gut Health: From Bone Broth to Enzymes with Carley Smith

Brief summary of show:

In this episode, we delve deep into the fascinating world of gut health. Join us as we explore the critical role the gut plays in our overall well-being. We kick things off by discussing how health truly begins in the gut, uncovering the importance of maintaining a healthy gut lining, gut barrier, and nurturing the microbiome.

Next, we dive into the savory world of bone broth. Discover where to find this nourishing elixir and how to make it from scratch. We also share insights on when to incorporate bone broth into your diet and explore the differences between chicken and beef bone broth. As we continue our journey through gut health, we shed light on the significance of digestive enzymes and provide guidance on selecting the right ones for your needs. Plus, we unravel the mystery surrounding prebiotics and probiotics, offering clarity on their roles in gut health. Finally, we investigate the impact of sugar and carbs on your gut, addressing the potential harm they may pose.

Carley Smith, AKA Fairy Gutmother®, is a Nutritional Therapist, Certified GAPS Practitioner, and Registered Yoga Teacher. Carley became interested in health and nutrition after being diagnosed with Lyme disease and using food as medicine emphasizing gut health to help heal. She became so empowered in the progress in her healing just based on diet and lifestyle changes emphasizing gut health that she started her business, Fairy Gutmother®, so she could help spread awareness around nutrition and help others. Carley is adamant about promoting the gut health lifestyle as it is more than a diet, rather, a combination of food and environment that play a role in the health of the microbiome.

Carley has been a featured guest on The Dr. Oz Show and is a frequent guest for Colorado’s Own Channel 2 News. She has also been featured on Arizona Family TV, Better Connecticut, NBC Miami, and the popular iHeart Radio show Modern Eater. Her articles have been published in major worldwide publications including Newsmax, MindBodyGreen, Yoga + Life Magazine, and Paleo Magazine to name a few. She also leads numerous workshops, public speaking events, and cooking demonstrations centered around the gut health lifestyle.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [1:40] Health starts in the gut

  • [2:55] How we support our gut lining, gut barrier, and the microbiome

  • [4:40] Bone broth, where to get it, and how to make it

  • [5:40] When to make bone broth

  • [12:00] Chicken vs. beef bone broth

  • [15:50] Understanding digestive enzymes

  • [18:20] What to explore when it comes to choosing enzymes

  • [20:00] The confusion behind prebiotics and probiotics

  • [22:40] Are sugar and carbs hurting your gut?

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