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Episode 59: How to slow down aging with Dr. Alka Patel

Brief summary of show:

Have you ever wanted to press pause and slow down aging?

When you think of aging, you may immediately think about getting older. As you’ll hear in this episode, these are two very different things.

Joining me to speak about this topic is Dr. Alka Patel, a TEDx speaker, GP, Lifestyle Doctor, Longevity Coach, author and podcaster. She is Founder of Lifestyle First®, Creator of The Lifestyle First Formula® and host of The Lifestyle First Podcast.

One of her greatest passions is to empower and equip passionate changemakers to connect to their D.N.A. and Discover, Notice and Activate who they are, what they want and where they are going so that they can outSMART stress and outLIVE life with Stress Modifying Age Reversing Techniques for a life of Longevity, Intention, Value and Energy- it’s time to LIVE!

She helps speakers to self-care, leaders to leverage health and wellness in business and high impact experts to live longer, younger. Her own biological age is almost 30 years younger than her chronological age- yours can be too!

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [2:40] The concept of aging and getting older

  • [5:20] The difference in getting older and aging

  • [6:40] Is it possible to slow down aging?

  • [7:20] Dr. Patel’s acronym that focuses on the 10 key elements of our lifestyles

  • [8:50] How to measure your biological age

  • [20:00] The impact of what we consume both physically and mentally

  • [22:50] The three F’s of food

Notes from Natalie:

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