When your kids clam up

It never fails, I sit in the carpool line and wait for my kids to jump in the car and when they get in, they clam up. My first words are, "Hi Pumpkin, how was your day". I get the same answer every day - Good. I then ask, "What did you do?" They say, "not much". I finally stopped asking easy questions. I learned to throw them off to be sure they were really listening, "Did you see anything magical today?" "What caused you to smile today?"

Like us, after 7 hours of playing and thinking, kids need time to decompress. While we are excited to hear about their adventures, I've also learned that it's more fun when it comes out over dinner or when kissing them goodnight. So, I try to find one odd question to ask in the car and then another at the dinner table. What they need most is to know we are interested and willing to listen when they are ready to tell us about their day.

I'm putting a list of my favorite oddball questions here for you. Feel free to copy these and let me know how your kids respond.

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