I left the career everyone said was a “dream” because I wasn’t happy.  After 28 years in the news business as a TV anchor and reporter I quit to follow a more purposeful life.  As an entrepreneur and mom of three I now help others fill their lives with news that matters and impacts them in a meaningful way.  The way we consume news and the types of information we consume matters.  That’s why I’m here.

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I love helping people find ways to improve their lives. It’s what I’ve loved about the news business. I am an expert in getting to the truth and finding the right resources to help people become all they are meant to be.

Natalie Tysdal on her podcast

 I have won all of the fancy awards like Emmys, Associated Press awards, The Gracie Allen Award, and others but honestly, none of that really matters like seeing how my stories can change lives. Hearing from people who have learned, grown, found help, all because of my journalism, is what matters.

Natalie Tysdal broadcasting on Denver KDVR Fox News
I have won all of the fancy awards like Emmys, Associated Press awards, The Gracie Allen Award

I started my career as a photo-journalist.  A degree in Broadcast journalism is where I landed but I found myself with three minors: history, political science and sociology. My mission for nearly three in states from Alabama to Texas, Nebraska, Idaho and Colorado has been helping people. My stories have aired around the world.  From investigative stories and health news to a specialty in education reporting and breaking news.  I even started a school after learning from top education experts  what works best for elementary learning.

I have covered every type of story imaginable – some with a heavy heart.  There was a turning point in my career when I realized, while the world needs to be aware of news, people don’t want to be inundated with sadness. In 2012 I was anchoring a morning show when the Aurora theater shooting took place. The sadness and the weight of that story in my community was overwhelming.  Reading the names of the victims live on television, I shockingly became aware only that one of the victims was a young aspiring journalist at my TV station, someone I had taken under my wing. 

Award-Winning Journalist & TV anchor Natalie Tysdal

Over the years, television news has become divisive.  As an anchor who spent more than twenty hours on TV each week, I had to find new ways to stay positive, new ways to bring joy, and new ways to explain the heaviness of the world to my three children.  I knew my purpose was greater than this.  The pandemic of 2020 changed my perspective. Working from home and broadcasting out of my closet and eventually, my basement helped me see and strategize new ways to be a better mom, a better wife, and a better journalist.  We CAN have it all but sometimes that means giving up something we have become comfortable with.  I left a news job to dig deeper into issues that have more meaning:  family, health, education, relationships.  I am so excited to share these topics with you and to learn from you as we build this community together.  

Keep dreaming!

Natalie Tysdal