About me

I am a Mom, journalist, wanna-be chef.  I love motivating people through my stories.  I've been in the TV business for two decades and in Denver since 2002.  I anchor a 4 1/2 hour show that starts at 45:30 in the morning.  People always ask "how do you get up that early".  My answer - I simply love what I do.  Before Denver I worked in Dallas,TX, Pensacola, FL, Mobile, AL, Twin Falls, ID and Lincoln, NE.


I have covered major hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, moderated gubernatorial debates and interviewed political figures and Hollywood stars from around the world. I feel blessed to have been recognized with numerous awards for feature, medical and investigative reporting. I love photography, I started my career as a photographer/videographer and editor while attending the school of Journalism at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  I firmly believe that there is no greater compliment than to entrust a reporter with your story. It can be personal and sometimes difficult. I simply love telling stories that inspire.


Outside of work I spend a great deal of time in the community, volunteering and speaking to charitable groups. Before deciding on a career in Journalism I thought I would be a teacher.  I took that passion for education into reporting about educational issues and then proposing a new school in my community.  Lone Tree Elementary Magnet school now has hundreds of students and is one of the top-performing schools in the district with a focus on critical thinking and responsible citizenship.


My husband Tyler Tysdal and I have three children, a daughter in college, one in high school and an elementary-aged son.  

Take a look around and send me feedback. I'd love to hear about you! 

Tyler and Natalie Tysdal
Tyler Tysdal with Natalie
Natalie and Tyler Tysdal Denver Nuggets Media Training Event
Natalie Tysdal with Tyler Tysdal at Denver Broncos Game photo
Tyler Tysdal and Natalie Tysdal

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