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Episode 60: Turning Pain into Purpose with Carin Rockind

Brief summary of show:

There is never pain without some type of purpose. Yes. We all have hardships of different levels, and we all have pain in some shape or form.

Often, we don't know how to get past it, and sometimes we can't see the light at the end of that dark tunnel.

My guest today is Carin Rockind, Happiness Expert and creator of Purpose Girl. Carin has always wanted to play “big” her entire life, unfortunately, she let perfectionism, other people’s opinions, “shoulds”, practicality, and fear get in the way, and she lost herself.

Carin believes every single one of us is meant to shine. You have all you need. Every challenge has given you strengths. Every joy shows you what you want. Carin helps you discover your strengths, uncover your purpose, shift your negative thoughts, and take courageous action toward creating a life you love.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [3:05] Post-traumatic growth

  • [6:40] What Carin created Women’s Happiness Day

  • [10:15] Carin’s favorite happiness and purpose tools

  • [14:00] Why we can’t dwell on things we cannot change

  • [22:30] The importance in focusing on the now in Positive Psychology

  • [24:30] How to turn a negative mindset around

Notes from Natalie:

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