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Episode 2 - Exercise and Wellbeing

Brief summary of show:

This week on the podcast, we’re thrilled to bring you this conversation with longtime friend and colleague Michael Snyder MD, FACS, FASMBS. Dr. Michael is the Medical Director of the Bariatric Surgery Center at Rose Medical Center and has performed more than 6,000 bariatric surgical procedures, including more than 2,000 restrictive gastric bands and more than 150 sleeves each year.

His interest in bariatric surgery is based on his knowledge that morbid obesity is one of the essential, yet vastly ignored diseases physicians are exposed to every day. In addition to surgical weight-loss treatment, Dr. Snyder was the first in the region to perform the non-surgical intragastric balloon procedure. This revolutionary weight loss product combines comprehensive nutritional coaching and support with a non-permanent, same-day outpatient balloon procedure.

Dr. Snyder is also an internationally published author of Full: A Life Without Dieting. He believes that, in the appropriate patient, the surgical treatment of morbid obesity is the essential therapy that can cure a myriad of ills.

In this conversation, Natalie and Dr. Snyder chat openly and candidly about the struggles many women face with their weight, and why.

In this episode:

  • His best tips for weight loss that sticks

  • Identifying your reason for wanting to lose weight

  • The psychology behind weight loss

  • The only successful diet plan he recommends

  • How to set a good example for your kids

  • The number one thing to not do in front of your children

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