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Feelings on the last day of school

It’s coming, the end of another school year!

Five years ago I wrote the following:

“I cherish this time every day. It's the time right after "Did you eat breakfast?", "Where's your library book" and "What did you forget?" It's right after we drop off his high school and middle school sisters. It's the 30 seconds where he kisses me, slams the car door and sprints up to see his friends. It's the 3 seconds where I stop (annoying those behind me in the carpool line) and turn around to take in his confidence and independence. He clutches his backpack so he can run faster (I love that). I'll miss the Kindergarden loop after today but I'll hope for more slammed doors, sprints and kisses in 1st grade.”

From kindergarten to middle school, my heart is bursting with pride. Today’s kids will be defined by what they went through during the Pandemic. “In-person“ learning “home schooling”, “virtual learning”. They became experts in adapting to whatever circumstances we threw their way. They were forced to use the life-skill of “flexibility”. Our youngest landed at a classical charter school that gave him stability and an excellent education (not to mention a new skill, cursive writing)!

I don’t know about you but I am grateful behind measure for slammed doors, sprints and kisses!

Let’s cherish the little things.

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