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My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Anything that makes life easier in the kitchen is my jam (and yes I like jam/jelly but that's for a different blog).

My family loves fruit but I simply don't like cutting watermelon. Which leads me to the watermelon cutter. It looked clunky and big when I bought it but turned into a kitchen favorite. Just don't try to do it on the biggest watermelon at the store and cut the melon in half first. Best part? you will have perfectly sized sized and matching slices within minutes.

Next up is the herb stripper. I try to only use fresh herbs, this makes that process so much easier and fun. You can see there are different holes for different herbs.

Next is my all time favorite, the pineapple corkscrew. So incredibly easy and make the messy job of cutting a pineapple effortless. It reminds me of opening a wine bottle. You'll end up with perfect pineapple rings and then a bowl for putting all of your fruit! And it's under $10!

I like these three items as a gift pack: Order for a friend and call it "three things to make your life in the kitchen easier - and more fun!"

Let me know what you think!


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