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Overcoming BURNOUT

I know this topic all too well, it’s why I decided to make it the subject of my first Podcast. Unfortunately, many of us push through our pain resulting in even more pain. Burnout is very real and can lead to physical and mental breakdowns. Burnout is a real syndrome recognized by the World Health Organization. It is the reason I left TV News and decided to finally go after that dream of working for myself.

So, Let's talk about it. Have you listened to my podcast (Episode 1, The Natalie Tysdal Podcast)?

What is BURNOUT?

Burnout is a disorder that mainly affects women, and is understood as work-related stress. It can be a real nervous breakdown that manifests itself on an emotional, physical and mental level. Have you ever felt exhausted and think to yourself "I can't take it

anymore! I have reached the limit!"?.

About 20% of women who work on certain levels experience symptoms of burnout, but why?

"Burnout is nature's way of telling you that you've been going through the notions and you need a break."