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10 Lessons from a 2nd grade field trip

My kids are always begging me to go on their field trips. Being a working mom can make this a challenge, but I do all I can to find ways to volunteer a few times a year.  I got that chance yesterday.

The school’s theme this year is “Making a difference”. So, on this day we were walking from the school to a nearby public park and open space to pull weeds and pick up trash.

Full disclosure, other than knowing how thrilled my daughter would be, I was not looking forward to it.  I was exhausted after getting only 3 hours of sleep and getting up at 3 a.m. to work.  But I was not going to let her down.  Having her jump into my arms when I arrived at school saying “MOMMY!” was worth drained headache I knew I would have all day.  She loves it when I come to school.

We took off on our trek across the busy commercial area to the park and I was assigned the job of the “caboose”.  Miss Valenti, our second grade teacher was the “line leader”.