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The Miracle of Birth (Oct of 2009)

As I sat holding my 5 day old baby Johnny, the tears streaming down my cheeks. They are tears of joy, tears of sorrow, tears of fear, courage, hope and probably underneath them all, tears generated by hormones. They've made me crazy over the last 9 months but they also bring to light the deep feelings of gratitude and appreciation I have for God's miracle of birth. The few tears of sadness I shed were as my family returns to their own homes. While I can't stop them, I do realize that they are healthy tears because they drip from a pool of gratitude for those who gave me life and nurtured me in the way I am now nurturing and loving my own son. Isn't it true that no matter how often we tell them and show them, it's not until years down the road that our children really know how much we love them and how we would do anything to make them happy? When we give life we suddenly realize and appreciate the life we have been given. Along with the incredible emotion that goes along with the birth of a child came an unexpected joy for me. My Mom didn't plan to be present during Johnny's birth. In fact, she specifically said that it made her too nervous, but it all happened so fast. When the nurse walked in during labor and said, "here were go", Mom was just there holding the camera. I am so glad circumstances led to her being there. The birth of our children is an experience words can't touch. Having my mom there during the birth of my third child, my first son and my last baby, made that experience even more special. On top of it all, Mom snapped the photo that will forever be etched in my heart. The person who gave me life taking the first photo of the moment I was handed my new little life.

I hope to be nearby to share those incredible moments with my three children. Most of all, on behalf of me and my dear husband, I hope our parents know how much we appreciate and love them for their many sacrifices and the love they have passed on to a new generation.