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139: Finding Enjoyment in Healthy Habits with Nicole Hagen

Brief summary of show:

In this conversation, Nicole Hagen and I discuss effective strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We emphasize the importance of sustainability in nutrition and the need to find an approach that works for each person indivudually. We highlight the drawbacks of unsustainable diets and the benefits of enjoying the foods we eat. The conversation also explores the role of technology in nutrition tracking and the importance of accountability and support in achieving long-term success. Overall, the conversation provides inspiration and practical tips for creating lasting change in health and wellness.

Listen in as we talk about:

00:00 - Introduction and Setting the Context

01:04 - The Problem with Unsustainable Diets

02:52 - The Importance of Sustainability in Nutrition

04:37 - The Role of Enjoyment in Healthy Eating

06:04 - Defining What Works in Nutrition

07:22 - Flexibility and Individualization in Nutrition

09:19 - The Benefits of Protein and Fiber

10:55 - Using Technology for Nutrition Tracking

16:06 - Alternative Approaches to Tracking

20:22 - Exploring Different Healthy Eating Approaches

21:28 - Starting Small and Recruiting Accountability

23:20 - Adopting a Growth Mindset for Long-Term Success

26:23 - The Power of Accountability and Support

27:26 - Where to Find More Inspiration and Information

28:03 - Conclusion

Notes from Natalie:

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Natalie Tysdal 

Well, Nicole, we are now well into the new year. Some people have probably already fallen off of their plans to be healthy or to maintain a certain diet. But I really just want to be honest today and get into things that work and things that don't work and give people inspiration for getting healthy.

Nicole Hagen

I love that I spent many years pursuing things that I now realiz