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Episode 133: Healing Generational Trauma and Improving Our Relationships with Lauren Zoeller

Brief summary of show

In this episode, we explore the concepts of generational trauma and its impact on our relationships. We also learn about somatic therapy, a unique approach to therapy that focuses on the nervous system and its connection to our emotional health.

Listen in as we talk about

- Introduction (00:39)

-What is somatic therapy and how does it work? (03:44)

-What happens when the Nerveous System is not regulated (04:50)

-What is generational trauma and how does it affect our relationships? (06:38)

-Physical elements (08:20)

-How to identify and regulate our nervous system's protective responses (10:18)

-How to get out of Survival mode (13:47)

-Where to find Somatic Therapy (15:07)

-How Somatic Therapy can heal relationships (16:03)

-Importance of couples getting in therapy together (18:06)

-What happens to your body when you’re in Survival mode 24/7 (20:09)

-Offline Brain (21:44)

-Final thoughts (23:00)

Notes from Natalie:

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Natalie Tysdal

Lauren, thanks for joining me. I talk a lot about therapy here on the show because health is such a big part of making us whole, right? But sometimes talk therapy, people, they tend to plateau or they're not getting what they want out of it. Tell us about what you do and how it helps people.


Yeah, so I am a somatic therapist and simply put somatic therapy is therapy of the nervous system. So oftentimes with traditional talk therapy, we will go into a session and we will word vomit about all of our trauma or word vomit about the things that don't feel good