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154: Healing a Busy Brain: Dr. Romie's Protocol, Part 1.

Stella Grizont is a guest on The Natalie Tysdal Podcast taqlkng about finding happiness

Brief summary of the show:

Dr. Romie discusses her journey from being a successful doctor to experiencing burnout and how she found a different approach to brain and mental health. She introduces the concept of a 'busy brain' and explains the impact of chronic stress on the brain and body. Dr. Romie shares her protocol for healing a busy brain and provides insights into the commonality of this issue across different industries and professions. Dr. Romie shares her brain shift protocol for healing a busy brain and living a more balanced life. The protocol consists of eight weeks of steps, including self-compassion, sleep challenges, digital detox, sound healing, and nutritional changes. Dr. Romie emphasizes the importance of addressing thyroid health and vitamin D levels. She encourages individuals to take control of their health and advocate for themselves when seeking medical care. The goal is to heal the busy brain and find balance in all aspects of life.

Listen in as we talk about:

00:00 - Dr. Romie's Journey: From Successful Doctor to Burnout

03:13 - Changing Course: Dealing with Others' Reactions

06:12 - Understanding the Busy Brain: Chronic Stress and Burnout

09:34 - Healing a Busy Brain: Insights from the Book

14:16 - The Stimulant-Sedative Cycle: Coping Mechanisms for a Busy Brain

21:29 - Healing a Busy Brain: The Brain Shift Protocol

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