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Episode 135: Hear His Voice, Discover Your Healing: A Conversation with Susie Larson

Brief summary of the show:

In this episode, join Natalie Tysdal and Susie Larson, a renowned author and speaker, as they explore the profound connection between faith, health, and hearing God's voice. Susie Larson shares her personal journey of overcoming silent seasons of faith and embracing the healing power of God's presence.

Listen in as we talk about:

- Introduction (00:45)

- God’s Strategy (02:40)

- Hearing the voice of God (07:06)

- Health and Faith (12:46)

- Closer Than Your Next Breath (15:57)

- The beautiful royal table. (29:22)

- Power of testimony (36:11)

-Closing thoughts (38:43)

Connect with Susie Larson:

Notes from Natalie: