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Episode 137: Discovering your “Big Thing,” a conversation with author Jeff Patterson.

Brief summary of show:

In this conversation, I got to reconnect with Jeff Patterson, a former college friend who has become an author and coach. Jeff shares his journey from Hollywood to finding his true calling of helping others discover their big thing. We discuss the importance of slowing down and creating space, as well as practical tips for doing so. Jeff explains his work coaching successful individuals and the challenges they face in finding fulfillment. He also shares the life-changing experience he had while climbing Mt. Aconcagua and how it led to the creation of his book, 'The Big Thing Effect.' We get the advice for finding one's big thing and embracing the journey.

Listen in as we talk about:

03:29 Jeff's Journey in Hollywood and Awakening to His True Calling

06:03 The Importance of Slowing Down and Creating Space

08:07 Practical Tips for Slowing Down and Creating Space

13:11 Coaching Successful Individuals and Helping Them Find Their Big Thing

14:18 Challenges Faced by Successful People and the Need for Clarity

15:36 The Journey of Writing the Book and the Life-Changing Experience on the Mountain

17:06 Jeff's Experience Climbing Mt. Aconcagua and the Awakening it Brought

21:51 Finding Your Big Thing and Overcoming Fear of Failure

23:41 The Ever-Evolving Nature of the Big Thing

28:42 Advice for Finding Your Big Thing

32:17 Letting Go of Expectations and Embracing the Journey

34:05 The Importance of Being and Who You Want to Become

Notes from Natalie:

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Natalie Tysdal

Well, I love it when the podcast goes full circle. And this is really fun for me to get to interview someone that I've known for a very long time but haven't spoken to until I saw that he was an author. And helping people achieve their goals and find their big thing. And I've been following him on social media. So I'm reconnecting tod