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Episode 17: Clean Beauty: It’s More Than Skin Deep with Catie Wiggy

Brief summary of show:

In this week’s episode, I sit down with Catie Wiggy, the clean beauty product formulator and Licensed Master Esthetician that I trust most when it comes to what we put on our skin.

Catie is a respected expert in the beauty industry with over 15+ years of experience in her field. She’s one of the driving forces behind increased consumer awareness for natural products and the promotion of clean, sustainable brands.

Currently the Vice President of Marketing and Product Innovation for French Transit (brands MyCHELLE Dermaceuticals®, CRYSTAL™ Natural Deodorant, and Luster Premium White™), Catie is a leading consumer packaged goods expert.

Her passion and belief in safe, non-toxic, yet effective products, along with her deep understanding of plant-based ingredients and professional skincare, gives her a competitive advantage and knowledge within the clean beauty market and natural products industry.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What we specifically need to look out for in our skin and hair care products

  • Signs that you’re using the right products

  • Skincare routines that show results

  • The difference between antiperspirant and deodorant

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Podcast Highlights:

[00:01:19]Catie Wiggie: [00:01:19] So it's interesting. My journey started as a teenager with a really bad acne, right? Like the kind that was just mortifying in everyday world. Doctors dermatologist. And I finally found an esthetician back in my college days and she changed my life and inspired me to get into aesthetics.

[00:06:24] Catie Wiggie: [00:06:24] Yeah, absolutely. I think, you know, it's head to toe. So your hair care products, your facial care, body care, any personal hygiene products, there are options that you can definitely make to have a self healthier, safer choice.

[00:09:01] Catie Wiggie: [00:09:01] You know, I think it's where you're spending your money. So I'm a huge advocate for going and working with professionals. So whether that's a dermatologist or a medical aesthetician, spend your money on those services with those professionals, not necessarily on the product lines, because oftentimes you're just paying for increased margins for these brands.

[00:11:59] Catie Wiggie: [00:11:59] Yeah. So it is all about the daily essentials. So cleansing your skin, washing your face.

[00:12:05] And a lot of times people don't wash long enough. It'll be like, ah, 10 seconds. I washed, I'm done. You want to wash for 60 to 90 seconds, ideally to break down the oil, the debris, detoxify the skin and really let it cleanser do its purpose. Next step is moisturized. We all need hydration as we age, Epidermis just does not produce as much hydration.

[00:12:28] And so applying that moisture is essential and then protection, you know, we think of SPS TennCare. It's only a summertime, or if I'm at the pool or out hiking, but it is an every day essential. And I think people are really starting to pick up on that. So if you're cleansing moisturizing and protecting your skin every day, that's the bare minimum.

[00:12:49] And that will keep your skin, at least in a healthy state. And then there are always added on supplemental things you can do. So I love a good eye cream. I get asked all the time. can I just use my moisturizer around my eyes? Yes, you can. But eye creams are formulated for that. Then tissue and they're going to give you better results than just your everyday moisturizer.

[00:13:13] So if you're looking for some anti-aging on top of your essentials, how do you an eye cream is a great way to enhance your routine? And then you can get into fun stuff like serums and exposure creators, but that's all optional, right? Those aren't the basics that you have to, you can always layer in those other items.

[00:13:32] Natalie Tysdal: [00:13:32] Okay. Talking about family under my umbrella of the podcast. When do you think is a good time to get kids? I know you have a boy and a girl, a 10 year old girl. Is this a part of her routine? I have 11 year old boy and I'm like, okay, you got to start washing your face at night. I mean, they're not doing that when they're five and six, you know, but what age do you think we should get them into just this normal, simple routine?

[00:13:55] Catie Wiggie: [00:13:55] I think it varies kid to kid, but I started noticing with my son specifically, when he got to the age of about nine, he just started getting these little white heads, tiny little dirt in the pores. So teaching him just. Proper way to cleanse the face, making sure it was part of his bathtime routine, was really important.