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Episode 4 - Kids And Sports

Brief summary of show:

This week’s podcast episode talks all about mental health, and the impact sports have on kids. Natalie chats with Kathryn Ames, who is founder of Thru the Game, and has been working with teenagers for 26 years. She was a 3-sport athlete in high school and served as captain for field hockey and lacrosse, and recently, she was inducted into her high school hall of fame for swimming.

Kathryn earned her bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Human Communication at JMU before going on to earn her masters in Counseling Psychology at the University of Colorado in Denver. She worked for several years with high-risk youth in central Denver, before taking time off to raise her own children and start a business to provide protective clothing for kids.

Kathryn lives her most prized roles at home as mother and wife. As a recent cancer survivor, she was inspired to earn certifications in Mindfulness and Nutritional & Integrative Medicine for Mental Health. She is solution-focused and believes in empowering our youth so that they are equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

In this conversation, Natalie and Kathryn talk about the impact kids sports has on their mental health, and:

  • How sports have changed for kids

  • The impact of the transition from recreational sports to college level

  • How to deal with rising mental health concerns in kids

  • Tools parents can use to help their children

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