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Episode 6 - Emotional Eating

Brief summary of show:

Have you fallen into the yo-yo dieting trap? Or find yourself eating even when you aren’t hungry, are sad, or are happy?

In this week’s episode, Natalie chats with Kim Scheid, Mind Body Eating Coach, on what exactly is emotional eating, how to know if you have it, and what to do about it.

Kim is the Founder of Escape Diets, specializing in helping women, who have battled decades of dieting and emotional eating, break free from the control of food and create a nourishing life with food and themselves.

She’s been studying people’s relationship with food for the last 30 years, starting with her own. Healing from her own disordered eating, she is now on a mission to help women end their own destructive patterns, and redefine why and how they eat and care for their body, in order to live their very best life possible.

Kim is a mom of 3 amazing kids, ages 20, 17, and 16, and has been married for 25 years to her biggest cheerleader and supporter.

Listen in as Kim and Natalie talk about:

  • Signs that you’re an emotional eater

  • Why we overeat or binge eat

  • Tips to stop dieting and start on a healthy eating path that sticks

  • Why lessening stress is key to weight loss and healthy eating

If you’ve ever spent time worrying about your weight, body image, eating habits, or dieting, then this episode is for you. Be sure to tune in and share it with someone you know needs to hear this message.

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