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Episode 113: How to Make Co-Parenting Work for Everyone with Mikki Gardner

Brief summary of show:

In this episode, Mikki Gardner shares her personal struggles with divorce and co-parenting, discussing the challenges she faced and offering insights on how to navigate them. She emphasizes the importance of overcoming hardships to establish a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Mikki outlines three essential steps for conscious co-parenting and highlights the detrimental effects of toxic communication patterns. She also addresses the impact of co-parenting dynamics on children and provides advice on handling uncooperative co-parents. Additionally, Mikki offers practical tips for managing difficult moments that may arise during the co-parenting journey.

Mikki Gardner is a Certified Life + Conscious Parenting Coach, the host of the Co-Parenting With Confidence Podcast and a mom of 3 (her son and 2 bonus sons)!

Driven by her own struggles of learning how to rise above the challenges of divorce, she now combines experience with her academic background & helps moms move past the divorce & co-parenting drama to become calm, confident co-parents, even without their ex's participation. Mikki is on a mission to help women navigate the emotional and practical difficulties of divorce and co-parenting, while creating an intentional, joy + ease-filled life after divorce.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [2:15] Mikki's own struggles with divorce and co-parenting

  • [3:30] How to get through hardship to even begin co-parenting

  • [6:25] Three steps of conscious co-parenting

  • [10:00] The toxic cycle of communication

  • [11:25] How kids fall into co-parenting

  • [14:40] Handling a co-parent that doesn't pull their weight

  • [18:05] Tips for moments that feel really difficult

Notes from Natalie: