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Episode 131: Finding Light in Dark Times: A Year of Faith and Gratitude


Brief summary of show:

In this episode, I'm opening up about a challenging year in my life. It's been tough, but I want to share how faith in God and the practice of gratitude have been my guiding lights. We live in a world where negativity often overshadows positivity. It can be hard to stay thankful, which is why I want to talk about the power of gratitude. For me, faith and gratitude are intertwined, helping me face difficulties. Gratitude, in my view, goes beyond saying "thank you."I won't pretend that being thankful is always easy, especially in challenging times. It's a choice. We can either blame and complain or seek wisdom and growth. The choice is ours. And, there's scientific evidence that supports the positive impact of gratitude on the brain.

I’ll be sharing some practical tips for incorporating gratitude into your daily life

Listen in as we talk about:

- Introduction (00:17)

- The Power of Gratitude (00:49)

- What is Gratitude? (01:39)

- Biblical Perspective (02:03)

- Choosing Gratitude (03:01)

- Counting Blessings (04:06)

- Scientific Evidence of Gratitude (04:50)

- Practical Tips for Practicing Gratitude (06:27)

- Challenges for Practicing Gratitude (08:20)

- Closing Thoughts and Call to Action (10:13)

Notes from Natalie:

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