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140: Aligning your faith, family, and health

Brief summary of show:

In this podcast episode, we will discuss the importance of aligning faith, health, and family. We will reflect on the past year and encourage you to set goals in these areas. I will provide tips and resources for setting SMART goals for faith, health, and family. I also share my own goals and offer a free download with 20 activities for strengthening faith, health, and family. 

Listen in as we talk about:

00:00 - Introduction and Importance of Faith, Health, and Family

03:33 - Reflecting on the Past Year

08:19 - Setting Faith Goals

09:39 - Setting Health Goals

16:21 - Resources for Health Goals

21:13 - Setting Family Goals

25:45 - Recap and Conclusion

Notes from Natalie:

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Hi, everyone. It's Natalie. I'm so glad you're here today. Did you notice that I took a week off at the beginning of the year? I skipped a podcast. I let myself do it. And I hope that you skipped some work and were able to take some time off, be with your family, and just rest. Today, I want to tell you some really important things. First of all, it was a great break. We had three of our kids, all three of them under one roof. And that makes this mama very, very happy.

We got to spend some great time together at one point when everyone was here and we have not all been together for almost a year now. We stood in the kitchen, I'll get emotional. We stood in a circle and just cried. Yep, this mom cries and that's okay. I give myself permission to do that too. And we just enjoyed the heck out of each other. It was wonderful. And you know, it really made me think of how

I can hav