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142: Living Out Loud: Dismantling the Herpes Stigma with Alexandra Harbushka

Brief summary of show: 

In this episode, Alexandra Harbushka discusses her personal experience with herpes and her mission to destigmatize the condition. She shares how her diagnosis initially caused feelings of isolation and limited her future aspirations. However, she eventually decided to go public about her diagnosis to raise awareness and provide support for others. Alexandra explains the different types of herpes and their prevalence, emphasizing that many people are unaware they have the virus. She also discusses symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options. Alexandra's online community, Life with Herpes, offers support and counseling for individuals navigating life with herpes. She encourages individuals to view their diagnosis as an opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

Listen in as we talk about:

00:00 - Introduction and Background

00:32 - Diagnosis and Emotional Impact

02:21 - Overcoming Stigma and Going Public

03:28 - Understanding Herpes and Its Prevalence

05:30 - Transmission and Types of Herpes

08:12 - Symptoms and Diagnosis

10:41 - Testing and Awareness

11:35 - Treatment Options

14:54 - Support and Community

17:20 - Personal Growth and Transformation

20:05 - Acceptance and Moving Forward

21:41 - Resources and Conclusion

Notes from Natalie: