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147: Embracing negative emotions and pausing to listen to God to improve your healing process with Debra Fileta.

Brief summary of the show:

In this episode, we talked with Debra Fileta about the intersection of counseling and Christianity. We discuss the importance of acknowledging the need for help and seeking it before things break. We also explore the shift in attitudes towards counseling and the increasing openness of the younger generation to therapy. Debra emphasizes the significance of faith-based therapy and the integration of spiritual health with mental, emotional, and physical health. We delve into the role of medication in treating anxiety and depression and the importance of finding the right help. We also talked about the need to embrace negative emotions and the power of pausing and listening to God in the healing process.

Listen in as we talk about:

00:00 - Acknowledging the Need for Help

03:40 - Shifting Attitudes Towards Counseling

05:58 - The Importance of Faith-Based Therapy

09:19 - Addressing Anxiety and Depression

13:11 - The Role of Medication in Mental Health

15:35 - Finding the Right Help

19:23 - Differentiating Between Counselors, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists

22:39 - The Importance of Embracing Negative Emotions

26:12 - The Power of Pausing and Listening to God

27:28 - Taking the Next Steps Towards Healing

Notes from Natalie:

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