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151: What Vitamins and High-Quality Supplements Do You Need? With Dr. Austin Lake.

Learn about vitamins and supplements and how to feel better.
Austin Lake

Brief summary of the show:

In this podcast episode Dr. Austin Lake discusses the overwhelming nature of choosing vitamins and supplements and provides insights into the importance of various vitamins. He emphasizes the need for high-quality supplements and highlights the significance of B vitamins, Omega-3s, magnesium, and vitamin D. Dr. Lake also shares tips on choosing healthy cooking oils and addresses the different forms of magnesium. He concludes by encouraging you to take action and seek help when needed.

Listen in as we talk about:

00:00 - Introduction: Overwhelm and Questions about Vitamins

01:26 - Quality of Supplements and Importance of B Vitamins

04:17 - Importance of Omega-3s

05:32 - Sources of Omega-3s

07:01 - Choosing Healthy Cooking Oils

09:48 - Commonly Needed Vitamins: Magnesium

10:44 - Different Forms of Magnesium

13:04 - Other Commonly Needed Vitamins

15:50 - Importance of Vitamin D

22:51 - Where to Find Dr. Austin Lake Online

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Natalie Tysdal 

Let's talk about vitamins. So that also can be an overwhelming thing for many people is A, what vitamins are you going take? B, is there a difference in the type that can I buy them at Walmart? Do I need to buy them online? Like I think there's people don't know. And those who do know, they're not always sure.