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158: Practical Tips for Decluttering with Katy Wells

Stella Grizont is a guest on The Natalie Tysdal Podcast taqlkng about finding happiness

Brief summary of the show:

Katy Wells, host of the Maximized Minimalist podcast, discusses the impact of clutter on our lives and offers practical tips for decluttering. She shares her personal journey of overcoming clutter and explains how it can affect our mood, emotions, and relationships. Katy emphasizes the importance of decluttering as a holistic and ongoing process, rather than a one-time event. She suggests creating a dedicated donation center in the home and incorporating clutter audits into daily routines. Katy also addresses the challenge of managing expected mess and involving the whole family in the decluttering process. Finally, she provides advice on mindful shopping and understanding the emotional motivations behind our purchases.

Listen as we speak:

00:00 - Introduction

08:49 - Practical Tips for Decluttering

23:38 - Mindful Shopping and Understanding Emotional Motivations

29:43 - Conclusion

Notes from Natalie:

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