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159: From Baggage to Bliss: How Past Hurts Can Actually Help You with Debra Fileta.

Brief summary of the show:

In this episode, Debra discusses the importance of relationships and the role of individual healing in marriage counseling. She emphasizes the need to recognize and address personal issues in relationships and how past wounds can impact current dynamics. Debra also highlights the cycle of unresolved wounds and the importance of communication and understanding individual needs. She shares upcoming projects and offers advice on prioritizing time and focusing on what truly matters.

Listen in as we talk about:

00:00 - Introduction and the Importance of Relationships

02:43 - The Role of Individual Healing in Marriage Counseling

04:13 - Recognizing and Addressing Personal Issues in Relationships

08:32 - Understanding the Impact of Past Wounds on Relationships

11:33 - The Cycle of Unresolved Wounds in Relationships

14:32 - The Importance of Communication and Individual Needs in Relationships

18:12 - The Power of Individual Healing in Transforming Relationships

20:56 - Upcoming Projects and Prioritizing Time

25:58 - Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Notes from Natalie:

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