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Episode 50: Tips to Overcome the Feeling of Overwhelm with Natalie Tysdal

Brief summary of show:

Do you often feel overwhelmed? In a world that has been continuously chaotic, how do we navigate these deep feelings of overwhelm?

I know I’m not alone in feeling this. Between being a mom, my schedule, my kids’ schedules, and everything else that comes our way, there is always something going on that needs my attention.

In this episode, I’m sharing with you my best ways to stay on top of my overwhelm so that it doesn’t take over.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [1:45] Why it’s okay to be busy

  • [2:45] How I divide my to-dos so they always get done

  • [3:40] Reasons we feel overwhelmed

  • [6:20] My tips for overcoming feeling overwhelmed

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[00:00:00] Natalie: Hi everyone. It's Natalie. I hope you're having a great start to your week. It has been a very busy beginning of the year for my family. We've been on the road a lot and thankful to be on the road as it's lacrosse season. And our oldest daughter plays lacrosse in college. It is such a joy to see the fruits of the hard work of our kids and to support them and all of their activities.