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Episode 47: How to overcome the fear of change with Natalie, previously aired on Talking with Teri

Brief summary of show:

You can do hard things. I know you can, because we all have made it through the hardest moments we have ever imagined being in.

This podcast episode was previously aired on the Talking with Teri podcast with Teri Karjala, and I’m grateful to be able to share it with you on my podcast as well, because we’re talking all about change.

Maybe the change you’re going through is a new job, a relationship, friendship, or just watching your kids grow into a new season of life.

We can easily get stuck in fear when it comes to the thought of change, which is why we’re shifting this narrative today.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [00:02:17] The biggest blocks I’ve had to face going out on my own

  • [00:05:02] The three pillars I go back to when making tough decisions

  • [00:12:47] Trusting ourselves to make decisions that are right for us

  • [00:14:42] The biggest lessons I’ve learned through change

Resources mentioned in this episode: