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Episode 65: The Benefits of Juicing and Plant-Based Foods with Nastasha McKeon

Brief summary of show:

What are the benefits of juicing and plant-based foods? What is its impact in beating disease?

These are both buzzwords, and in this episode, we’re breaking them down fully with thanks to Nastasha McKeon.

Nastasha is a certified nutritionist and plant based diet educator holding a certification in plant-based nutrition and holistic nutrition. Founder & CEO of Choice Juicery an organic cafe & cold pressed juice concept with six locations in San Diego & Author of “Plant Food is Medicine.”

Natasha's life long passion has been studying the connection of food and how it relates to health. She is a firm believer that-as Hippocrates said-food is medicine and it is her mission in

life to teach people how that applies in their lives by educating them and giving

them the tools needed to make healthier choices.

In her clinical and personal experience she has seen first hand the impact of diet on

disease. She has witnessed the healing powers of food to lower cholesterol, high

blood pressure, reverse type Il diabetes and obesity, as well as relief from

depression and many other diseases.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [2:00] Why Nastasha believes in a plant-based diet

  • [5:30] How Nastasha’s upbringing impacted her desire to build her business

  • [10:40] How to get enough protein on a plant-based diet

  • [14:15] Why Nastasha feels better being plant-based

  • [17:00] The benefits of juicing

  • [21:50] How to prepare for a juice cleanse