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Episode 69: (RERUN) Navigating the Nervous System and Trapped Trauma with Irene Lyon

Brief summary of show:

This week, I’m resharing one of my favorite episodes from the podcast with Irene Lyon. If you've listened to this podcast from the beginning, it might be information you've already heard, but I know you will enjoy it and get something out of hearing it again.

If you're new here, you're in for something life changing without knowing it. We’re talking about our nervous systems, how trauma gets trapped and then holds us back and contributes to illnesses.

Irene Lyon, MSC. and nervous system expert teaches people around the world how to work with the nervous system to transform trauma, heal body and mind, and live full, creative lives. To date, her online programs and classes have reached over 9,500 people in over 90 countries.

Irene has a Master’s Degree in Biomedical and Health Science and also has a knack for making complex info easy for ALL of us to understand and apply to our lives.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [2:00] What the nervous system is, what it regulates and why it’s important

  • [6:35] Does our past trauma stay stuck in the body?

  • [10:25] The impact of our mothers’ womb on stress and trauma

  • [15:10] How trapped trauma comes out in illnesses and appears in the body

  • [21:20] Tips to navigating chronic illness and trapped trauma

  • [30:00] How to transform your mindset, slow down and listen to your body

  • [40:50] Irene’s best tip for productivity

Notes from Natalie: