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Episode 73: When You Just Don't Feel Like Being a Parent Anymore with Nicole Schwarz

Brief summary of show:

What is grace-based parenting? Do you give yourself grace in those hard moments with your kids?

Do you ever feel tired of parenting and want a break?

You're not alone, and Nicole Schwarz joins me to talk about what to do when parenting feels overwhelming.

Nicole Schwarz is an imperfect mom to 3 girls, Parent Coach with a License in Family Therapy, and author of "It Starts With You." She believes there are positive alternatives to timeouts, spankings and never-ending arguments with your kids. She also knows that parents can use some encouragement to take a deep breath and try again.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [2:30] The pressure of being the perfect mom or parent

  • [3:15] The difference between guilt and shame

  • [4:25] Where shame comes from

  • [7:30] Being curious vs. judgemental

  • [11:10] Reclaiming ourselves as our kids get back into daily routines

  • [15:05] The biggest challenges Nicole sees in kids today

  • [18:20] Thoughts on anxiety in children today

Notes from Natalie:

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