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Tired of Forgetting Things? 5 Ways to Improve Your Memory.

As moms, your days are busy and full of responsibilities. You work hard to juggle it all, but sometimes you just can't remember everything. I know how you feel and I have you covered with 5 ways to improve your memory so that you can spend more time doing the things that make you happy and less time stressing about what you forgot!

Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is not only inefficient, but it also makes you forgetful. The University of Utah studied the brain activity of people who were distracted while performing a task. They found that your brain is so consumed with other thoughts or daydreams that you don't actually remember what you did two minutes ago.

Sleep More, Stress Less

When you're tired, your mind isn't as sharp, and it takes longer for information to get stored in memory. Stress actually physically changes your brain chemistry which affects how you think and remembers things. Even though taking care of yourself doesn't seem like an option right now, with so much needed around the house while being a mompreneur, ensuring that you are getting enough sleep is essential.


Have a fail-safe place for your keys, wallet, and phone. In the same University of Utah study mentioned above, researchers found that those who had designated places for particular objects were more likely to recall what happened while using those objects than others in the study. Plus, it will save all the working moms time in the mornings before dashing out of the house.


The more times you repeat new material - whether reading something aloud or simply thinking about it repeatedly - the stronger neural connections will get, leading back to your original point. Strong connections equal long-term retention.


Exercising strengthens your body, but it also increases blood flow to the brain, which boosts learning and memory retention. Studies show that aerobic exercise not only delivers a "runner's high" (that feel-good feeling you get after going out for a run before returning to your parenting duties), but it also sends more oxygenated blood coursing through your body, including vital organs like the heart and muscles as well as the brain. In addition, when you exercise, your brain releases chemicals called neurotrophins which promote neuron growth in certain areas of your brain responsible for thinking skills such as focus, concentration, and mental agility.

In addition to these 5 things, take a look at this, a personalized memory game. Unlike the games you buy in stores, this Memory Game is made just for your family. Choose from dozens of different patterns and select a different photo for each of the game pieces.

This is a game by EeBoo you can play with your kids that will help your memory too. It may seem easy but practicing memory and putting your brain to work has proven to help with all memory functions.

In addition, I hope you are getting all you need to fuel your body with all types of foods. Fill your plate with the colors of the rainbow (natural food color not added color!) Your body will thank you and your memory will as well. If you feel like you need even more memory support, try a brain supplement like Neuriva,

Memory issues are very common but doing all that I have listed above will help Hang in there!


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