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Gift ideas for your PETS

You all know that I love my fur babies and yes, they are spoiled rotten! (photo at bottom of the page). I know you will agree with me, we can't leave them out his holiday and the deals are abundant. Just wait until you see some of these adorable and fun things I have rounded up for you.

Choose your design, upload your photo and get the most adorable (and regal) portrait, pillow or mug of your pet. It's called a "Paw-Trait", here's the link: Custom Pet Paw-Trait. I think these are hilarious and so fun even if the gift is more for you than for your pet!

These pet beds from Lay lo pets are super duper comfortable and cozy. My favorite part is the duvet cover that can easily be removed and washed. Definitely drool-worthy comfort and ever-changing designs, made to last.

I love supporting small businesses and this one has the cutest name and product line. The Awoo Huggie Harness ($50) is perfect for comfort and style. and makes your daily walk much easier. You'll find other colors online and check out their other products while you are there.


You simply can't go wrong this with this and your pooch will be occupied for hours. The

WAG ANTLER WHOLE DOG TREAT ($29.99) is a healthy long-lasting chew for your pet. These naturally-shed deer antlers come from a sustainable source in New Zealand's rocky mountains. Antler is made up of a bone like material with a softer honeycomb centre similar to marrow. Male deer grow them every year and shed around breeding season. And they won't leave a sticky smelly residue on your hands or floor!

I haven't forgotten your kitties!

Your cat is going to to be entertained by this! The Pet Fusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Toy. (24.95) Bring your cat's inner hunter to life. Devised to stimulate your cat's natural instincts to chase and capture prey, this automatic device gives your feline a moving target. A colorful feather will pop out from one of the 6 holes at random, using LED color lighting and motion to draw your cat in.

And also for your feline, the Catit Play Pirates Cannon Cat Tunnel. ($24.99) This plush yet durable toy features a slit back, open-ended front and a feathered “fuse,” encouraging your kitty’s natural curiosity. Its accordion-like design and detachable wheels allow for easy folding and storage, making it an ideal travel toy.

I'll admit, I am slightly obsessed with this next idea. My husband bought it for me last year for Christmas and I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had with it, and how much fun my dogs had as well. The Furbo HD Treat Dispenser and camera ($125.99) let's me send treats to my dogs while I'm away. I also get alerts when they are barking! I use this daily and I love showing my friends and co-workers my pups, they come running to the Furbo when I start talking. A win-win for us all!

From My family and fur babies to yours, Happy Holidays!

This is my family below with Sailor, (german shepherd) Stella (toy poodle) and our beloved Bernese mountain dog, Georgia, who we lost earlier this year. We miss you sweet Georgie. .

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