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Notebook S.O.S for School

Are you kids heading back to school soon? Do they have an organizational system that will last all year and will keep them on track? One of the top reasons I see kids struggle academically is their lack of organization.

Sometimes bright kids get lost and overwhelmed simply because they can't find their notes or they can't remember where they put their worksheet. Structure is important. Systems are important. This is all very relevant for middle school, high schools and college students who have multiple teachers and classes. Check in with them, ask them to show you their plan (mostly middle schoolers need parental guidance on this, older students just need the idea put in front of them). I have found that many kids 11-18 years old are in need of someone to teach them how to get organized. This system is proven to work.

I call the plan bellow, "Notebook S.O.S" (Student Organizational System).

Here is what you will need (you can click on these products to buy them online).

  1. 2 or 3 inch THREE ring binder.

  1. Various colored two pocket dividers (one for each class) Make sure these are for a three ring binder and make sure they have 2 pockets each (you'll see why in the video below).

  1. Loose leaf reinforced lined paper (reinforced is important so it doesn't tear and fall out.).

  1. 10-20 Page protectors (buy extra, you'll be glad later)

  1. Sticky notes to use as reminders of where everything goes. Kids can use these later for reminders.