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Episode 20: Supporting Your Kids Going Back to School with Dr. Angela Wall

Brief summary of show:

In this week’s episode, I sit down with Dr. Angela Wall to talk about the fear and anxieties kids are facing as we prepare for back to school.

Dr. Angie Wall has been a school psychologist and psychotherapist for over 25 years. She received a master's degree in child development and counseling from the University of Colorado and she earned her doctorate in School Psychology from the University of Denver.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What exactly is anxiety and are all kids predisposed to it

  • Why it’s important for your kids to go to school

  • Tips for parents to help their kids deal with anxiety

  • How to support your kids as they go back to school

In addition to practicing in the schools, Angie maintains a private practice providing counseling as well as assessment services. She addresses issues in children, adolescents, and young adults ranging from anxiety and depression to issues specific to children on the Autism Spectrum. Assessment services include gifted testing and the identification of learning disabilities and dyslexia.

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Podcast Highlights:

[00:02:41] The biggest issues being seen in young people today

[00:03:33] Where anxiety comes from

[00:06:07] Are kids ready to go back to school?

[00:10:16] Advice for parents who are fearful of their kids going back to school

[00:12:36] How to help your kids through their anxiety

[00:16:56] Why you can't solve your kids' problems for them

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