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Superstars in the kitchen. Gift ideas for the person who likes to cook!

I have budding chefs in the house to which I say hallelujah! My daughters actually enjoy cooking! There are so many great cooking tools out there but how do you know where to spend your money this holiday season for the chef in your life? I'm here to help with gift ideas that will make cooking easier and more fun!

Some of the most delicious sauces require a lot of attention. But they're totally worth it in the end. When a sauce calls for continuous stirring, put this Automatic pan stirrer with timer to work. Place it in your pan with any simmering or low-heat liquid, set the timer, and go do the million other things you need to do.

My kids always grab an extra fortune cookie when we go out to eat so this is a new favorite in our house. The DIY Fortune Cookie Kit not only allows you to make the cookie but also come up with your own fortunes. What a fun activity for the family and a great way to make gifts for someone else with personalized fortunes. Just think of the cute things you could say to your own kids if they take a cookie with them to school each day!