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The 9 Best Outdoor Products for Families This Summer

Are you tired of staying at home when the weather is beautiful and it seems everyone and their dog is on vacation enjoying time outdoors? There is not time like the present to get outside and enjoy mother nature. I've got inspiration for you to get outside along with products to make your experience more fun and enjoyable.

3 Great reasons to get outside this summer

First, know that outdoor activities are essential for your body and wellbeing. Healthy outdoor activities keep your immune system strong.


I want you to be honest with yourself, how many times throughout the day are you fully present? How many times have you take in one full inhale and exhale? The first reason to get outside is that time in nature can lead to mindfulness which brings us back into the present.

Time in nature is a fast-track way to step into the present.. We all need to feel free from the crazy thoughts about the past and the projections about the future. Mindfulness helps us make better decisions and time outside gives us that space to release tension.

There are other ways to practice mindfulness. Yoga, breath work are other ways to do this. Of course, you can stop at any point during your day and just take a deep breath in to ground your body (doing this outside is even better).

Social Media Detox

The second reason we should go outside is to help detox ourselves from social media. Often, we don't have great cell coverage on a hike (not great for safety but very good for your body and mind). It is surprising how quickly we forget about Instagram and Twitter and the need to check our phones when we are surrounded by beauty and nature.

Mother nature is a great and healthy distraction from technology., The more you explore nature, the more you realize just how insignificant social media can be in the grand scheme. of things.

Increase your creativity

When you go hiking or exploring outside, even if it's just a walk in the park, you feel more creative and often come up with ideas that can solve your problems. A 2012 study titled, ‘’Creativity in the wild: Improving creative reasoning through immersion in natural settings’’ studied fifty-six adults. The study showed that four days of immersion in nature, and the corresponding disconnection from multimedia and technology, increased performance on a creative problem-solving task by 50%.

These results demonstrate that ‘’there is a cognitive advantage to be realized if we spend time immersed in a natural setting’’. The researchers anticipate that this advantage comes from an increase in exposure to natural stimuli and a corresponding decrease in exposure attention demanding technology.

You will feel so much better when you detox from social media, becoming fully present and getting a boost in your creativity.

Now that we know the benefits of being outdoors, let's talk about products that will make the experience more fun.

If water sports or fishing is part of your outdoor plans, his product is a must!

Pelican's gear is waterproof, stormproof, and long-lasting. This product has a watertight 0-ring seal and a pressure valve. This ring keeps your valuables and other things protected in the case. A crushproof Copolymer-Polypropylene shell makes it a protective case. The stainless steel makes it more protective and reinforces the padlock protectors. The valve releases the pressure and keeps the water out. It protects your valuables inside the box.


  • Heavy-duty construction

  • Highly recommended

  • Easy to customize

  • Great case


  • Pricey

At just over $3O per towel, this towel set is considered a perfect option for the pool or beach. More than 10,000 purchasers have given this product a 5-star rating with good reviews.. if you like wrapping the towel around your entire body, you’ll be able to do so! This towel is huge at 30 inches wide by 70 inches long. But the size is not the only thing great about it. It is also made from ring-spun cotton softness for super softness along with excellent durability. This lighter-weight quick-dry towel is available in multiple bright colors


  • Extra large

  • Super soft

  • Soft and fluffy

  • Absorbent due to thick terry cloth


  • Some users have complained that tiles are not as thick as they


The Kootek Camping Hammock functions as both a single and double hammock. You also receive two tree-friendly straps and steel carabiners to uphold your hammock. It also comes with a carrying bag to take along with you on your next adventure.

This hammock also stands out because of its nylon material. It’s made of impressive parachute-grade fabric. So, you know there won’t be any rips or tears. It’s also resistant to wear and tear of regular use. The fabrics also make it easy to clean up after it gets wet.

The hammock is made of 210T fabric material which offers you durability and comfort. Each strap is 10 feet long, and 19 loops provide you with a great chance to adjust as per your height at ease. The D-shaped carabiner is strong enough to support the weight of a maximum of two adults.


  • Adjustable straps

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Durable

  • Comfortable


  • Not weather-resistant

The trail ergo cork poles from Black Diamond might not be the lightest poles, but they are durable and easily adjustable. They are relatively affordable as compared with the other trekking poles. One standout feature is the ergonomic cork handles that are very comfortable on hands.

They also have a dual flick lock system that makes adjusting two lengths a piece of cake. With the trail aerial cork poles, you are getting a solid aluminum pall ranging from 16 to 22 ounces with high-quality cork grips that will keep your hands from getting sweaty and prevent them from slipping.

The aluminum shafts offer durability, and carbon shafts make them lightweight. It is easy to adjust the tightness to your desired level by using a standard screwdriver. Make sure the flick lock is in the open position.


  • Excellent cork grips

  • Heavy-duty construction

  • Ergonomic gripping


  • Slightly heavy

  • Small size

Front and back magnetic doors provide easy hands-free entry and exit with automatic closure. Large mesh walls keep the bug out and let the breeze in, so you can enjoy warm summer days.

The color-coded fiberglass poles make setting up quick and easy. In addition, with a ten years guarantee, it provides guarantee and satisfaction to the customers.


  • Quick and easy setup

  • Easy and safe entry

  • Magnetic door

  • The Interior is large and spacious


  • A bit pricey

The GCI outdoor freestyle camp chair delivers a smooth rocking chair action on any outdoor surface, featuring padded armrests, a built-in beverage holder, and a convenient carry handle. You will be able to have all of your seating needs to be met while in this fantastic chair. Folding a camp chair open and closed has never been easier or safer.

With the GCI freestyle camping chair patented accessible fold technology, making it where the days of pinching your fingers in trying to hold up the chair are long gone. The freestyle rocker is also constructed of lightweight and sturdy powder-coated steel and supports up to 250 pounds. You won’t be falling out of the chair so quickly when you plop right down into it after a hard day of cutting logs in the wood.


  • Easy storage and transport

  • Padded armrests provide comfort

  • The steel frame offers durability

  • Excellent features


  • The cup holder is not a good feature

This is the perfect headlamp for high speed and committing sports like a trail, running, climbing, mountaineering, and ski touring. It is considered best with 750 lumens of lighting in the front of the rear battery pack on the now plus. It is equipped with a red flashing light to alert others of your presence.

The battery is easily rechargeable via USB. This headlamp is equipped with reactive lighting technology. Its integrated sensor analyzes the available light. It adjusts lighting power and beam pattern without the need for manual intervention. You have to stay focused on your activity while enjoying constant visual comfort. In addition, you can also enjoy optimized battery charge and burn times.

My Petzl application on your smartphone is available for now plus allows you to program the lighting settings using the headlamp's integrated Bluetooth function. You can also monitor the burn time and the remaining battery charge. In short, create new profiles for specific activities.


  • Compact and powerful

  • Versatile

  • Flood or mixed beam for proximity

  • Focused beam for rapid movement

  • Red lighting provides great shealth


  • Not waterproof

  • Pricey

When you are travelling, it’s essential to have everything you need at that time. This backpack/daypack is the perfect companion to store all your essentials. This bag features a scratch-free pocket for sunglasses, a laptop sleeve, a hidden pocket for important things like passports, and side water bottle pockets. The front pocket with a mesh organizer secures the small items in one bag.

What’s cool about this bag is that it can expand from 18 to 224 liters. The daylight travel is attached to an assortment of larger Osprey packs. It has two additional buckles on the harness that attaches to the Farpoint Fairview. The wheeled track and Trek series for front body carry. So, when you are planning your next trip, make sure the daylight is at the top of your packing list.


  • Multi-functional interior sleeve

  • Comfortable and versatile backpack

  • Well-built

  • Backpanel is comfortable


  • The front pocket is heavier

  • Not suitable for heavy loads

This all-side aluminum table uses lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum that provides incredible strength. It weighs three pounds and can hold 50 pounds. The aluminum table top is waterproof, weather-resistant, easy to wipe, and clean. The accordion structure of the legs gives it a perfect structure for weight-bearing using a stretch cord system.

The legs put themselves together when you take it out of the bag. The stretch cord guides all the pieces into their correct placement. It is available in three different sizes; large, medium, and small. These tables are substantially lighter and more durable than comparably sized wooden tables.

You can store it in a car, canoe, or wherever you want to keep it. The aluminum base is designed to pop up and fold with ease.


  • High-quality table

  • Compact and portable

  • Easy to assemble

  • Lightweight

  • Weatherproof

  • Waterproof


  • Little leg room

Final Verdict

Being outdoors is important for our mental and physical health. Take the time you deserve to be outside, enjoy family and friends and invest in yourself this summer.

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