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Make Your Bed Every Day and See What Happens

Why Making Your Bed Every Day Really Matters

We have a constant debate in our house about making beds. I say, it matters. My 12-year-son says it's a waste of time when he is only going to get back in the bed later the same day. So here's my argument.

I'm of the belief that the two minutes it takes (for some even less) can be the two minutes you set yourself up for success for that day.


It may seem small but did you know that making your bed can help you sleep better? After a stressful day, going to sleep in a tidy bed is definitely important to be able to sleep more peacefully and comfortably.

Leaving your room put together and looking nice before going out and facing your day, allows you to start it with a calmer mind. Just the act of pulling the sheets, stroking them and placing the pillows in the correct way is almost like a meditation. It allows you to focus mindfully on the action you are taking. Have you ever been to a beautiful hotel (the last I remember was a Marriott) and when you walked into the room the bed looked perfect, making you want to snuggle up under the soft sheets perfectly tucked into the sides of the mattress?

Believe it or not, making your bed helps you set goals. Deciding to take a few minutes to make the bed will give you that little extra pride that will encourage you to complete a "little mission", then another and another. It is a habit that leads to a greater sense of well-being and productivity, according to Charles Duhigg in the book "The power of habit", making the bed, will trigger a mental mechanism that will lead you to have other good habits.

Amazing how a simple thing can really change your day, right? Have you watched the "making your bed speech" by Admiral William H. McRaven? It is from the University of Texas commencement in 2014. Admiral McRaven argues my same point and his speech is still watched with more than 15 million views online. People still talk about this video and regularly search terms like "making your bed admiral" and "making your bed video".

"If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed." (William H. McRaven)

So Let's get down to the actual act of making your bed and let's make it easy.


Let the mattress, sheets and pillows breathe. The first fundamental step is to undo the bed, open the windows and let the air in. Remove the pillows, duvet and sheets and set them aside. Spread the sheet evenly over the mattress, making sure that the large hem is at the top of the bed and that the length of the sheet is even on both sides.

Fold the end of the sheet tight under the mattress, so even during night movements, it won't move, causing those unpleasant curls. When the sheet is flat and tucked in, place the duvet, quilt or blanket on top. It must be spread so that both sides are even. It should be positioned approximately 15 cm from the top of the sheet in the headboard.

Fold the top edge of the sheet carefully over the end of the duvet or blanket.

Fluff all the pillows well, spreading the edges of the pillowcases and placing them on the headboard of the bed. If you have a blanket, fold it in half and place it at the end of the bed.

Extra tip: if you have a scented fabric spray, sprinkle some on your blankets and pillows. You'll love it when you'll go to bed at night!

My 12-year-son may try to get out of the routine but I contend, it is a small and beautiful way to start the day and the best part, it makes coming home and going to bed all that much more special.

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