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162. The Power of 3: How Holistic Health Transforms Mind, Body & Spirit with Desiree Barlett

Brief summary of the show:

Desiree discusses the importance of holistic health and wellness for women. We emphasize that it's not just about looking good or fitting into skinny jeans, but about feeling energized and confident. Desiree shares her approach of focusing on the individual's goals and dreams, rather than just physical measurements. We discuss the challenges women face as they age, including hormonal changes, and provide tips for maintaining health and vitality. Desiree also introduces her website, which offers yoga, fitness, and meditation programs that integrate mind, body, and spirit.

Listen in as we talk about:

00:00 - Introduction and the Importance of Holistic Health and Wellness

05:03 - Tips for Maintaining Health and Vitality

09:15 - Building a Supportive Community and Self-Care Routine

13:26 - Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit for Overall Well-Being

Notes from Natalie:

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Desi, all the way from Hawaii. Thank you for joining me. It looks so beautiful there.


Aloha, it is gorgeous here. We feel so blessed to live in paradise.