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Acts Of Service And Volunteering Are Important For Our Kids; Here Are 5 Reasons Why

It feels like our kids are having to pack more and more into their schedules every day. All in the hopes of getting into the best college possible. And while these after-school activities are beneficial academically, how do we nurture our kids’ confidence and sense of self?

This is where volunteering and service work come in. I can't emphasize enough the benefit of serving, for us and especially for our kids. Not only does it build your child’s self-esteem and sense of community, but it does wonders for their health. They have longer lifespans and better techniques to care for themselves and others.

Here are other ways service and volunteerism help our families.

It Builds Empathy

Empathy is a gift. But it has to be nurtured, and there aren’t many places our children can build on it. Volunteering is the perfect place to develop their skills because it helps engage their natural empathetic ability. Ensure there are opportunities to talk about the purpose of their acts of service to understand the bigger picture.

It Shows They Can Make A Difference

Kids can understand that some people need more help. But it’s hard for them to see what they can do to help. Volunteering shows that they really can make a difference. And they can see the positive effects on others’ lives for themselves. It empowers them to apply themselves across the board and builds their confidence.

It Helps Them Improve Their Social Skills

The best way to learn social skills is to get into social situations. Volunteering puts our kids in touch with people from all walks of life. And they learn how to come together with others to do something meaningful.

It Allows Them To Develop And Pursue New Passions

Volunteering and acts of service get kids using their physical and mental capabilities. And you’ll find that this helps them to test their abilities. You may also find it shows them a new passion that they can explore. Service activities allow them to see other people’s passions firsthand so they can find their own.

It Encourages A Sense Of Community

Most importantly, community service and volunteering teach children the importance of investing time in our community. And the people in it. We want our kids to be good people and be good people in the community.

I know it takes time to volunteer and to give back but I promise it will change your perspective and your child's outlook on life. it has for my family. My kids ask us how they can serve, they feel the rewards in abundance and I know your family will as well.

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