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Episode 34: Understanding Toxins and Finding Better Ways to Raise Healthy Kids with Dr. Natasha Beck

Brief summary of show:

Do you relate to the struggle of kids having poor eating habits? I know it’s not just me!

Too much sugar and toxins can lead to so many problems, including developmentally, healthy-wise and with sleep. And it’s not just our kids, it’s adults too.

So, how do we start to change the conversation we have with our kids around food? How do we get them to eat more fruits and vegetables without having to sneak them in, or pretend they aren’t there?

My guest this week is Dr. Natasha Beck, parenting expert and founder of Dr. Organic Mommy, an online resource focused on pregnancy, parenting, and non-toxic living. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, specializing in pediatric neuropsychology, and a Master’s in Public Health, specializing in child and family health. She is also certified in leadership education in neurodevelopmental disabilities from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • The controversy around artificial coloring and food dyes

  • How to help our kids make better decisions when it comes to food

  • What you should actually buy organic vs. not

  • What to look for on food labels

  • Breakfast food ideas that are healthy and support your immune system

  • How to start transitioning your eating

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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