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Episode 11 - Creating Financial Wellness with Sandra Grahame

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Brief summary of show:

There’s so much more than meets the eye when it comes to financial wellness, and on today’s episode Natalie and Sandra Grahame talk about what it means to be financially sound.

Transforming her own financial situation landed Sandra on Oprah's stage. After co-authoring two books with Random House and being featured on the Today Show, The New York Times, CNN, and more, Sandra has spent the past 13 years helping thousands of women achieve life changing financial goals.

Of all of the lessons Sandra has learned on her amazing journey, the most important one is this; when we get honest about our dreams and our money and support one another - we become richer together, and there's nothing that can stop us.

Listen in as Sandra and Natalie talk about:

  • Why financial wellness is so much deeper than your bank account

  • How money impacts the body and your overall wellness

  • Tips to taking the overwhelm out of your finances

  • Tips to spend more consciously

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