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Episode 126: Entrepreneurship and the Power of Purpose with Brittany Driscoll

Brief summary of show:

In this episode, ​​Brittany Driscoll shares insights into the pervasive influence of marketing in our lives and how she leveraged authenticity to transform people into potent brand advocates.

Explore her fearless pursuit of her dreams and learn how she masterfully balances a thriving career with personal well-being. Uncover her invaluable tips for preserving mental and physical health amidst demanding schedules, and glean wisdom on staying aligned with initial motivations during times of change.

Brittany is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Squeeze, a way better massage experience. Squeeze is headquartered in Nashville, TN with its flagship location in Studio City, CA and is now franchising nationwide.

Driscoll also Co-Founded and leads The Feel-Good Company, a service agency supporting a collective of wellness brands dedicated to bettering the mind, body, and soul for good; and serves as Chairwoman of the Board for Okay Humans, a talk therapy concept and counseling experience focused on emotional and mental wellness.

Prior to Squeeze, Driscoll spent four years at Drybar, the original blow dry bar and the world's largest blowdry franchise, as Vice President of Marketing, where she helped grow the company from $30 Million to more than $100 Million in revenue. While at the company, Driscoll onboarded over 20 new Operating Partners, opened more than 50 new Drybar shops and launched the Drybar product line internationally, as well as in Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.

Leading up to her time at Drybar, Driscoll spent over a decade in marketing and advertising working on various global brands and with Fortune 500 corporations including Hilton Worldwide, The Coca-Cola Company, Disney, Mattel, Toyota, Home Depot, and more. She has been featured in multiple national publications such as Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes, and more as an expert in creating disruption in retail.

A female entrepreneur, cancer survivor, and wellness advocate, Driscoll has a strong passion for supporting other women in business and has become a thought-leader in her community. She believes in speaking up for what you believe in, empowering people to use their voice, and that we all have the ability to change the world for good. Driscoll and Squeeze are creating a launchpad of opportunities for individuals who want to take their future into their own hands and begin a life of entrepreneurship. Squeeze’s franchise model sets all franchisees up for success with extensive support from the franchisor in real estate, construction, operations, technology, marketing and more. Brittany is building The Feel-Good Revolution, the company’s mantra focused on improving the lives of its guests and team members while transforming communities for good.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [3:25] How her experience in marketing opened up doors to where she is today

  • [6:50] Living in a marketing world

  • [9:00] Taking the leap into following your dreams

  • [10:20] People becoming your best marketing channel

  • [11:15] How to balance it all as a busy, successful woman

  • [15:25] Keeping your sanity and physical health when you're busy with other things

  • [22:30] Knowing why you started

  • [23:15] How to know if it's time to stop something

  • [27:20] What she's working on next

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