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145: Empowering Your Parenting with Faith With Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Brief summary of show:

In this conversation, we talk with Hillary Morgan Ferrer, the founder of Mama Bear Apologetics. We discuss the importance of preparing for the future without succumbing to fear. Hillary emphasizes the need for preparation and empowerment, as well as finding stillness and respite in the midst of a busy world. We also explore the spiritual battle for our nation and the dangers of being lumped into Christianity without truly understanding and living out the faith. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the role of fathers and the mission of Mama Bear Apologetics.

Listen as we talk about:

00:00 - Introduction and Appreciation for Mama Bear Apologetics

00:31 - Preparing for the Future

03:01 - Preparation and Empowerment

04:22 - The Spiritual Battle for Our Nation

05:44 - Finding Respite and Stillness

08:22 - The Dangers of Busyness

09:41 - Escaping Fear and Finding Stillness

11:07 - Preparing for What's Coming

13:07 - Addressing Differences and Spiritual Battles

14:56 - The Burden of the Name of Jesus

16:33 - Living as Examples and Putting Faith First

18:14 - Being Lumped into Christianity and Evangelicalism

20:22 - The Importance of Fathers and Faith Transmission

22:16 -The Mission of Mama Bear Apologetics

Notes from Natalie:

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