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Episode 42: Helping Families Set Boundaries with Technology with Amy McCready

Brief summary of show:

How do we know when too much technology is “too much” for our kids?

How do we as parents help them learn to set boundaries with technology, without power struggles and fighting.

In this week’s episode, I sit down with Amy McCready, the Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and the creator of the 7-Step Parenting Success System online course.

We talk about the importance of technology and how to limit it effectively. I know you will learn so much about how to navigate technology with your kids, because I certainly learned a lot!

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [00:01:36] How to know when technology is a problem for kids

  • [00:03:32] Amy’s thoughts on technology in the bedroom and why it isn’t always a bad thing

  • [00:05:03] The impacts of technology on kids of different ages

  • [00:08:10] Tips to set limits around technology in your family

  • [00:13:09] The negative effects of punishments or consequences involving taking away technology

Amy is the author of two best-selling parenting books: If I Have to Tell You ONE MORE TIME and The "Me, Me, Me" Epidemic.

She is a TODAY Show contributor and has been featured on CBS This Morning, CNN, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, Rachael Ray, Steve Harvey, The Doctors & others. Her greatest joy is helping moms and dads become the parents they've always wanted to be.

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