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Episode 82: The Three Pillars of Motherhood with Jessica Lorion

Brief summary of show:

What are the three pillars of motherhood?

Are there steps you can take to take the competition, resentment and judgment out of motherhood?

Joining me on this episode is Jessica Lorion.

Jessica has spent the past 12 years as a professional actor and voice over artist in New York City. Now, as the Host and Producer of the Mamas in Training Podcast, she supports pregnant women and aspiring moms on their journey into motherhood.

What makes her show different from other pregnancy and motherhood podcasts is that she is NOT yet a mom. An autoimmune disease has delayed her journey into motherhood and she has decided to learn right alongside her audience.

With a background in performing on stage, in front of camera, as well as being a professional singer, her mission is to spread the importance of studying motherhood. She intends to use her voice and desire to connect with women everywhere, to share the lessons she has learned and give community to those in need.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • [1:50] Why Jessica talks about motherhood even if she isn’t a mother yet herself

  • [4:05] How Jessica developed her 3 pillars of motherhood

  • [5:50] The importance of advocacy

  • [10:25] Planning and preparing

  • [16:30] Prioritizing community from a different perspective

Notes from Natalie:

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