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Healthy Chocolate Truffles

I know it sounds impossible: "Healthy" chocolate truffles. I use chickpeas in this recipe and even my picky, suspicious husband and son absolutely love these. I don't hide the fact that I use chickpeas! And just in case you are asking yourself, "what's the difference between an chickpea and a garbanzo bean", the answer is, they are the same thing. Both refer to a plant in the legume category with the scientific name Cicer anietimun. What you might not know is that it's one of the most widely consumed legumes in the world. I could have also called these "healthy peanut butter truffles" but you can use any nut butter. In fact, I use PB Fit powder, a peanut powder that doesn't have sugar or oil. Typically it is used in smoothies but I have found that it works great in these truffles!

These truffles are delicious and they are simple to make. Believe me when I tell you they satisfy that after dinner sweet tooth with just one truffle. Let me know what you think of these!

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